CRM and Deals for Zendesk® Features:

Contact management

Get lead and customer data at the fingertips

A contact management tool is what your business needs to improve the sales process and leverage a wider range of data. With CRM and Deals for Zendesk® tool, recording contacts’ details and tracking all their interactions with your company is a piece of cake. Take advantage of the data your gain to close your deals faster and more effectively.

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Get lead and customer data at the fingertips

Organize info about leads and customers

Manage contacts in lists

View detailed info on each contact

Maintain the full interaction history

Contact Management in details

Manage all the info you get on your leads, prospects, and customers

Manage all the info you get on your leads, prospects, and customers

Regardless of the way you gathered details about your contacts, you can view and see all the info you have on them, right in their CRM profile. All the details are displayed in a well-structured and user-friendly interface. Сhange and add any account details any time you need.

Segment contacts into lists

Bulk sending welcoming emails or follow-ups can turn out to be key factors in saving time and, therefore, winning a deal. That’s why we added a tool for creating lists of contacts. Use this feature to choose one or several criteria to add available contacts to specific lists. Then, reach out to the whole list with the relevant message.

Take a detailed look at each customer’s profile

Take a detailed look at each customer’s profile

All the detailed info on contacts is neatly organized in separate contact pages. View basic records like email address, phone number, and the company they work at. Additionally, check the deals and ticket concerning each contact, or set them up directly from the contact menu.

View interactions history

To learn what actions work better for certain contacts and what don’t do the job at all, you need to keep records of these actions. So, using a contact management tool, you can trace back every interaction between a contact and your reps. Plus, you will see what channel was used for one or another “touch”. Lastly, analyze the way contacts respond to your agents’ actions to learn what works better for whom.

View interactions history

A CRM system made for your Zendesk

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Leverage sales effectiveness

Structure sales management

Organize the way you manage your sales pipelines and nurture leads with a clear and seamless add-on. For this purpose, you get a robust feature-set at the tips of your fingers.

Get in touch with contacts immediately

You connected your fresh new CRM app to the other Zendesk® products. What else should you do to start sending emails to the contact base you have? Nothing! Get in touch with your contacts right after the setup.

Do sales across multiple channels

The same as with emails, use any other channel you set up in your Zendesk to reach out to your contacts. No limits for communication in CRM and Deals for Zendesk®.

Foresee and plan future sales

Apart from jotting down your plans on future sales campaigns, you can use Forecast reports to view systems predictions based on the previous behavior of your reps and contacts.

Watch every contact "touch"

Keep track of any call, email, or other action connected to your contacts. Having this variety of data, you’ll gain full visibility and complete control of your sales and deals schedule.

Create reports and get insights

Adjust specific metrics that are important for your company and thoroughly analyze them using our reporting tool. Set goals for your reps’ productivity workflow and compare it with the results you got.

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