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CRM Reporting

All details on your pipeline in one place

Get the results of your sales and deals management and dig into their causes using a comprehensive CRM reporting tool. One team member is stuck on the second stage of sales funnel and thus, falls behind the other team members? And the other rep is soon to smash the records on the deal resolution time? Reveal all the causes and effects of your workflow statistics with our CRM report!

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All details on your pipeline in one place

Get visual CRM sales reports for your workflow stats

Dive into and understand your key performance indicators

View the info for your pipeline and agents separately

Learn why some of your sales strategies don’t work

Keep track of your agents’ productivity and determine performance leaders

CRM sales reporting in detail

Deep insights with clear visual reports

Deep insights with clear visual reports

Our reporting tool organizes sales data in compact tables and nice-looking custom charts for you to clearly understand team performance. CRM reporting feature also enables to compare the results individually for each agent. Spot the opportunities to develop an understanding of your company’s conversion rate and other sales metrics.

Essential sales reporting tools with CRM and Deals for Zendesk®

Deals dynamics in your pipeline

You surely need to know the timeline of all your deals to trace your sales strategy output. Track the number of your new, successful or unsuccessful deals for a definite period with our CRM reporting tool. Learn the dynamics of your deals in groups and separately to know which actions will be most relevant with our CRM reporting technology.

Take a detailed look at each customer’s profile

Split reports by pipeline and agent

There’s a number of settings you can adjust for your pipelines in CRM and Deals for Zendesk®. Review the statistics for each agent separately and the whole team altogether in neatly organized reports. This way, it’s much easier to assess the performance of your pipeline, the productivity of your agents, and learn what exactly you should change to increase the revenue.

Know exactly why people don’t buy

Know exactly why people don’t buy

Use the Lost Reasons report to know the exact reason why people buy some products better than the other. The CRM reporting tool will show what exactly you should change to improve your offers and product sales. Acquiring fast revenue growth has never been simpler than with CRM and Deals for Zendesk® reporting.

Deal Forecast

We offer a forecasting report to show the amount of revenue for deals on each pipeline stage. Deal forecast feature will simply calculate your revenue by multiplying the number of deals by deal stage probability. The formula of the reporting software functionality is pretty simple but significantly clears up the analysis of your past deals and planning of the future ones.

Sales Performance

See the precise summary of your whole sales process. Sales online reporting tool will show you a list of contacts that were already assigned to and worked with some of your agents. You can also view the complete number of deals in the system and what part of them was won.


Do you want to see your agents’ productivity and keep track of its changes? Find out who of the support reps has the most deals in progress, and what deals are most likely to close soon. Prompt a smart and positive competition among your agents while they motivate themselves with each other’s achievements.


Another kind of report from CRM and Deals for Zendesk® is one that helps you follow up on the way your agents move deals from one stage to another one. Additionally, it enables you to view at which stages your reps have difficulties moving the deal further. Identifying all the patterns of the movements through our sales funnel, you will be able to work on the key points accordingly.

Exclusive CRM and Deals for Zendesk® just for you

Integrate your Zendesk Support and other services with powerful CRM functionality.

Upgrade your sales pipeline

Leads and deals administration

Store the data you have on your deals and leads in a well-organized simple interface.

Immediate access to emailing

If you’re calculating how much time you will need to configure your inbox, stop! There’s no need for any additional setups, just install the app and start using your Zendesk® mailbox.

Omnichannel sales

All the communication channels you have in Zendesk Support will be available in your CRM and Deals for Zendesk® also.

Sales forecasting

Create sales strategies based on the deal forecasting reports. Easily view and modify all upcoming sales plans to keep your team up-to-date.

Communication tracking

Keep track of all interactions between your reps and contacts, be it email, phone calls, or live chat. The full visibility of your team’s productivity and adjust your sales schedule accordingly.

Insights and reporting

Collect key metrics you’ve picked for your personal business needs and compare them to the performance goals you set.

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