CRM and Deals for Zendesk® Features:

Sales forecasting

Instantly estimate your future sales

Make informed decisions and predict your short-term and long-term performance with our Forecasting tool. Every sales deal should have a clear deadline, so you know which activities to focus on.

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Instantly estimate your future sales

Empower both management and sales teams

Predict monthly sales revenue

Adjust the CRM to your specific needs

Forecasting Mode in Details

Plan activities and allocate the right amount of resources

Plan activities and allocate the right amount of resources

A reliable sales forecast is key to an effective sales strategy. The Forecasting mode in CRM and Deals for Zendesk® gives you an overview of all your deals, grouped by the date when they are like to close. Compare them with the already closed cases and forecast the revenue you are supposed to receive each month. As well as identify problematic deals and take actions to spot any issues and meet your highest goals.

Spot issues and predict revenue in a blick of an eye

Measure your performance

Both managers and salespeople will benefit from the sorting options you get. The Forecasting view can show the overall prediction for the company managers or the sales team can follow individual pipelines to get a more in-depth view of forecasting.

Customize the report to your needs Comming soon

Grouping deals by the time when they’re likely to close is not enough. We get it. You might want to group deals by the owner, product, start date, etc. So, we’re working on adding more ways to let you customize your report to your liking. Stay tuned!

Customize the report to your needs Comming soon

Personally made CRM and Deals for Zendesk®

Every Zendesk® Channel gets a CRM integration - efficient and easy-to-use

Boost your sales

Start your lead and deal management

Clear and effortless system for your lead and deal management. Everything’s at your fingertips!

Send your emails immediately

No need to additionally configure or set anything up. Using our CRM, you can work with your Zendesk® mailbox straight ahead after the installation.

Sell omnichannel

Any support channel you use in your Zendesk is available to use via our CRM system. Communicate with customers as usual without having to set up anything again.

Forecast and plan sales

See all the sales deals you have and conveniently group them. Use the forecasting to work on deals that require more attention and plan your actions accordingly.

Track all communications

Trace every call, email, and the whole contact history to observe and control your sales schedule completely.

Create reports and insights

Make an in-depth analysis of personally chosen business metrics and compare your company’s performance with the goals you set.

These are a small part of CRM and Deals for Zendesk® features. And there is much more to explore.

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CRM and Deals for Zendesk® to power up your way of selling.

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