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Pipeline management

Get all the control you need to win a sale

To win a sale, you need a clear understanding of the sales process. We built our software on the basis of the proven sales pipeline management methodology. The key view of the pipeline is a simple and convenient user interface that prompts sales managers to act in a professional way, remain organized and stay in control of a complex sales process.

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Get all the control you need to win a sale

Gain visibility into the situation

Easily find the necessary information

Create multiple fully customizable pipelines

Experience the sales process with no limits

Simple and intuitive interface

Pipeline management in details

Get a clear view of your prospects

Get a clear view of your prospects

Working with pipelines, you will see that all deals are sorted according to the purchasing stage of each prospect. This gives a clear understanding of the sales momentum and helps define which opportunities need more work.

Take a look at your workflow from various perspectives

The statistical tool perfectly facilitates a quick understanding of the essence of your everyday issues. It enables you to display the pipeline stage as well as the steps you should fix or improve.

Fully customizable at any level

We’re not here to tell you how you should sell. We’re here to help you build a foolproof sales process. Regardless of the fact if you already have an established strategy or just starting.

The pipeline you create will perfectly suit your needs as soon as you customize its sales stages, team members or activity types - everything is up to your choice. Any available features are easily turned off when unnecessary and turned back on at your demand.

Fully customizable at any level

No limitations

Indeed, our software was created with salespeople in mind. However, it is not the only focus of our CRM. You’re free to use it for customer support, upselling, workflow management, etc. Long story short - use it to improve any process in your sales as everything is up to you.

Friendly and intuitive pipeline views

Friendly and intuitive pipeline views

Simple menus and drag-and-drop interface - we created it all to make adding or modifying deals, contacts, and activities as seamless as possible. The visual layout was created with sales teams in mind in order to provide complete visibility at all times and places. It’s simple as it is. When the deal is successful, simply drag and drop it between the stages.

Exclusive CRM and Deals for Zendesk®

Available to connect to Zendesk and all the products connected to it

Develop the efficiency of your sales team

Handle company’s leads and deals

Get a clear and simple system for managing your leads and sales deals. All the features are at your fingertips!

Send emails without extra adjustment

No settings to set up after the installation, nothing mandatory to configure. Just install the add-on and start working with your Zendesk® inbox immediately.

Omnichannel sales process

In CRM and Deals for Zendesk®, you can use, communicate, and sale through all the same channels you have in your Zendesk® account.

Enable sales forecasting and planning

The tool simplifies every action for you or your staff. Just set up goals and enable sales forecasting. Use the forecasting view and follow the recommendations to plan your future sales.

Use communication tracking

Keep track of the communication history with your customers, including all the calls, emails, and messages. Store them wherever it’s comfortable for you and fully control your sales schedule.

Create detailed reports and insights

Customize the key report metrics, dig into your team performance statistics and get the precise view of your actual business achievements in comparison to the goals you set.

CRM and Deals for Zendesk® provides numerous opportunities for your sales and management teams. Just come by to check them all for free.

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