CRM and Deals for Zendesk® Features:

CRM Email Integration

Effectively manage the time you spend on inbox

With our software, Zendesk email integration is super easy. We offer two time-saving options for email tracking plus a full detailed overview of your prospects in a single place. Customer emails are automatically launched to corresponding contacts and deals. So, you save time and boost your sales simultaneously.

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Effectively manage the time you spend on inbox

No-click CRM email integration

Ready-to-use Zendesk® macros

Unified user conversation history

Email opens tracking

Email Integration in details

CRM email integrations in no time

CRM email integrations in no time

There’s no need to set the email integration with Zendesk. Just install our add-on and you’ll be able to automatically communicate from your email accounts connected to Zendesk immediately.

Using well-built strategies

Macros in Zendesk is a powerful tool for speeding up and unifying the quality of your customer support messages. You can create and prepare your own templates to apply them to your CRM sales strategy with a mouse click and send personalized messages.

The full history of “touches” to your customers

Tickets, live chats, calls, texts from messengers and any other channel you pick to add to your platform will automatically display in the Case details menu.

The full history of “touches” to your customers

Perfect action timing Requires Email Tracking add-on

Use email tracking, to receive real-time notifications about the time your customer opened the email. How does it function? The tool creates an internal note and fills out special fields in the relevant ticket. It’s the easiest way to calculate your perfect time for follow-ups.

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Much more contextual emails

Much more contextual emails

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface and foolproof menus are inseparable features of our system. Add contacts, deals, activities, or more to your pipeline seamlessly even having no tech expertise. Plus, your agents get the most precise visibility of the cases they have thanks to the user-friendly visual layout.


Our email integration tool unifies the process of sales tools and support. Our CRM provides automatic email capture and saves your email history and stores all messages in your profile. That means you can check all your interactions with potential clients within the sales process.

You can save your incoming messages and send emails in the CRM. Also, with the Email Tracking app, you can monitor your email delivery.

Install the app, and you can get started. However, you’ll need Email Tracking to know if your emails were opened. Contact us If for extra customization.

It is a part of the CRM and Deals app so check out our pricing to select the specific plan and get built-in email integration.

CRM made for your Zendesk

Excellent and effective integration with Zendesk and its channels

Get your sales to the top

Effectively run your leads and deals

Every function is on your fingertips with our simple but efficient lead and sales deal management tool.

Share emails straight ahead

There’s no need to configure and set up additional apps or integrations to have all the functions. You can start working with your Zendesk® inbox and communicating with customers right away.

Sell goods and services omnichannel

No worries about additionally setting up all needed support channels to be able to communicate via CRM. Every channel from your Zendesk will be available for use in the CRM, too.

Use sales forecasting

With sales forecasting, you can easily plan deals for future months and view the progress on your sales. Learn what issues require more attention and which are near to be successfully closed.

Track customer communications

The full communications history with each contact can be stored in any place you need and easily viewed to give you full visibility. Control and adjust your sales and deals schedule accordingly for the best results.

Create reports and get insights

Using the reporting tool, you are able to customize the key metrics for your business and look into the reports to measure the team’s performance against your goals.

Develop your sales and lead nurturing with our CRM. Discover the whole list of robust features of CRM.

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Simplify the process of your pipeline management with CRM and Deals for Zendesk®

Improve your methods of sales and lead nurturing.

Pipeline management made easy